Monday, February 13, 2012

Bread of the Week: Rye

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My favorite sandwich has to be a reuben. I like all hot sandwiches, but ruebens are extra delicious because of the sauerkraut. A quick inventory of my fridge reveals sauerkraut, french dressing, cured beef, and cheddar (good enough). Time to make some rye bread.

Not a surprise to anybody I'm sure, I turned to my trusted Bread Baker's Apprentice, which has a recipe for two colored rye bread. This is my first time making rye. I was astounded at how much flour needed to make two loaves of bread. I double-checked, no, triple-checked the recipe. For the dark rye, I used cocoa instead of caramel coloring to give it that rich dark color. They came out crusty on the outside and soft on the inside.

The spiral bread was surprisingly simple, exactly the same way you'd make any other loaf of bread, just with layers.

The marbled rye was a little difficult to seal together. I think I will knead it a couple times after the dough is gathered together next time.

And then we made sandwiches! But I was enjoying a lazy Sunday so we didn't grill our sandwiches. Homemade bread is tasty either way, and there's plenty of bread left for a proper reuben soon (with Swiss)!

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