Monday, April 23, 2012

Bread of the Week: Hawaiian Bread

Hawaiian bread, aka Portuguese sweet bread, was a new experience for us in Hawaii.

We were offered unlimited Hawaiian bread at one bed and breakfast. (I'm pretty sure Bill booked this place specifically for this feature.) There were three different types! From left to right: regular, guava, and taro. They were so colorful and delicious. Note the empty spaces...we ate more than our share. Guess, which one was my favorite flavor?

Authentic Hawaiian bread, obviously not made by an amateur
Of course, all this reminiscing make me crave some Hawaiian bread. Fortunately, my favorite bread book has a recipe! It uses dried milk powder, favoring that flavor over regular milk. Even though the book specifically mentions the dark mahogany color of the crust, we still think it's too dark. If you are baking one loaf at a time, decrease the baking time from 50 minutes to 30 minutes (or less). The resulting bread was delicious, especially right after it chilled, however, the texture is is not as I had remembered in Hawaii. I'm going to try using coconut milk next time. Perhaps I will have my own bread recipe to share in the future!

Make a paste-y starter
Let rise in a pie pan, then brush with egg wash
I swear it's suppose to be this brown!
Enjoy with a tropical drink, maybe some coconut milk?


Lindsey Rix said...

Love the pictures and the post. You always inspire me to get back to bread baking :)

hong-lean said...

Thanks for the comment Lindsey! I've been following your blog too. If you bake bread, do share!

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