Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cranberry and Orange Swiss Roll

Finally, the dessert course! I was so anxious to make this dessert, and just ecstatic that it came out successfully. In Taiwan, Swiss rolls are a staple of bakeries, but I didn't know you can make it at home. Once I found this recipe, however, I realized how incredibly easy it is to make. (Thanks again Stephanie at Joy of Baking!) Plus, it looks so impressive when it's done!

The only thing I added was zest of an orange to the cake.

For the filling, I used 1/3 cups of canned cranberry sauce (half berry, half jelly), 1 cup of heavy cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar. The cranberry orange flavor is a classic for the holidays. It can help put you in the mood if you're not feeling the holiday spirit!

The secret to making a successful Swiss roll or jelly roll, as I've learned, is to roll it up with a clean kitchen towel while it's still warm, and let it cool rolled up. That way when you roll it up with the filling, it won't crack. I love the neat textures my kitchen towel left on the cake.

For some reason we started talking about meat logs during dinner, and Bill ended up calling this cake a "sweet log." Enjoy this sweet log at room temperature or chilled. I personally like it straight from the fridge.

Give it a shot if you ever want to impress someone!


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