Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peanut Butter Cupcakes With Cake Banner

I've been seeing cake banners popping up all over the blogosphere. People are so creative and clever! Too bad Bill's birthday has passed this year. Around the same time, though, I found out it was my yoga instructor's birthday and was also dumbfounded how young all the yoga instructors at the studio was. When did people around me start to get younger?

Anyway, I decided to make a peanut butter cupcake because I've never made this kind before, and it's always fun to try new things. Besides, protein is good for you after a tough workout. Then I made a cake banner! After yoga class, we had a teeny tiny celebration. It turns out *two* yoga instructors had birthdays in the same week. The cake banner was a big hit. Cupcakes too.

I didn't change the recipe at all, except I sprinkled some pecans on top of it. Contrary to the recipe comments, my feedback included that they had just the right amount of peanut butter flavor, and that they're good enough to eat four at one setting! Although, in my opinion, the cupcake was just a little on the dry side.

So here are the picture! The batter was just scrumptious-looking.

I have a tendency to over fill the cupcake liners, causing them to look like muffins. Although the toothpick came out dry, the middle still sunk in, which is probably the reason they turned out a little dry.

Decorate the cupcakes and sprinkle nuts on top if you wish.

To decorate the cake stand, I added a parchment paper cutout. Outline with something round...it's useful at this point that the cake stand is also a lazy susan...then fold it in half to cut the shape. It didn't look too bad for being parchment paper! But beware, the parchment paper causes the cupcakes to slide on the stand during transportation. I lost two cupcakes that way.

Last but not least, the cake banner was set in position.

All set for a birthday party! What's your favorite birthday cake decoration?

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