Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Flashback: Pre-Christmas Musk Ox Farm Visit

Back in Alaska, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the most amazing non-profit organization: The Musk Ox Farm of Palmer, Alaska. You can read all about them on their website. Alex Trebek is also a fan! He mentions this farm on Jeopardy from time to time. Bill and I both have "signed" certificates from Alex :)

A couple weeks ago, we got a Christmas card from them. It's so good to see some familiar faces still working there. 

When I first started volunteering, there were seven calves that year, all named after classic rock songs. One unfortunately had a birth defect. Every time "Tiny Dancer" plays on the radio, I tear up a little bit for the tiny musk ox we got to know.

At first, they were so skittish, huddling in the corner. 

That one in the back didn't want to miss anything

After a year of hand feeding, they were much more mild-mannered, and if you have food, they will come right up to you! One time one of the hand-fed yearlings tried to take my glove from me (and you need those gloves in the Alaskan winter!)

Impromptu visit before Christmas

If you have a chance to go to Alaska, you have to check this place out. We made wonderful friends there (human and musk ox), and I'm so happy to hear from them before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, who's excited?! I'm excited about an afghan I've almost finished knitting for Bill (don't worry, I've been knitting in plain sight). This is going to be a great Christmas!

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