Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flashback: Making Christmas Cookies

This time two years ago, we were busy making Christmas cookies for our family. Because we lived so far away, we had to make it early enough for airmail. This year, we can just bring the cookies to them! There weren't many pictures of the finished product because we were so exhausted after making 20 batches of cookies. At the end, I vowed I would never make Christmas cookies again. But as the time gets closer, I'm getting tempted again, especially after looking at some wonderful pictures at I Am Baker.

Reindeer or moose? We prefer moose
Some honey drizzling action

The kitchen overflowed.
Will you be making any Christmas cookies this year?


Pat said...

My "trick" for making up to 12 different batches in a weekend-- Friday make up all the doughs while the butter, flour, sugar, nuts, etc. are all out. Refrigerate each dough. Then Sat/Sun bake up the doughs. Mine are mostly cookies that require forming balls, russian tea cakes, cream cheese crescents, hazelnut stars, thumbprint,peanut butter kisses etc. But at least the mess of making the dough is out of the way. Put in containers and store in the coldest room in the house and hidden from the cookie monsters. LOL

hong-lean said...

That's a really good idea! I bet that makes the best cookies too by refrigerating the dough. I'm gonna have to try that soon. Thanks for sharing! (btw, Bill loves Russian tea cakes!)

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