Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Flashback: Moose!

For the past three years, we didn't always get to have Thanksgiving together because Bill was working in the Arctic. When he was off around a week or two before the holiday, we'd compensate by doing lots of outdoor activities together. Of course, we had to be bundled up in Alaska.

Hatcher Pass, Alaska
See those cabins there? MythBusters apparently tested cabin fever there.

Coincidentally, they also busted a myth about moose in the same episode. Rupert first met this moose a week before Thanksgiving three years ago. This picture is for my mom who hasn't seen Rupert for four months. One more month, mom!

There were three different ones, if you look closely, just hanging out in our yard and grazing. My coworkers and I sometimes joked that they were my cubemates (I telecommute).

Then Rupert met another moose last year. Or maybe one of the little ones had grown up?

Hello Moose!

Sometimes they licked our car for salt, like deer.

And they left tracks like these in the snow. It's amazing how they stay on top of the snow, being such heavy creatures.

Keep your eyes open. Sometimes they would appear on the side of the road.

Beautiful day in June
Unfortunately, I never got to cook moose, so this is not a cooking post. But I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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