Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Flashback: Reunions

We are getting so excited about our upcoming trip. Our college friend Scott is getting married in one week! I'm ecstatic for him and his fiancee. I'm also excited for a reunion of college friends. It's been so long since we have gotten together, as most of us are living in different corners of the U.S.

We've had many adventures together. Just 5 years ago in March, 2007, we visited the Big Apple.

Looked for oysters and wireless in Boston...success!

Saw the cold and magnificent Niagara Falls.

Fall of 2007, we took a road trip to Atlanta, hot and hard to navigate, but we cooled down with some Yo La Tengo.

And Chinese restaurant calamari.

At that time my kitty was a young lad. Now look at him :)

Left: 2008 Right: 2012

The last time we all saw each other was 3 1/2 years ago in beautiful Charleston.

Magnolia Plantation

In one week, we'll get to see everybody...Jen, Josh, Scott, Dave...again. I can hardly wait to see what other adventures we will have together in the future--now with Scott's new bride!

But before then, a power hot yoga week to make sure my dress for the wedding will fit. Wish me luck!

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