Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bread of the Week: Kaiser Rolls

Well...actually...this is bread of last week. I'm just getting around to posting them today. I love making these Kaiser Rolls from The Bread Baker's Apprentice, because they're my husband's favorites and I love twisting dough! It makes me feel like I'm playing with my food, yet something productive comes out from it. And the twists create this interesting texture when you bite into the roll or pull it apart. 

The pâte fermentée recipe in the book makes two batches of Kaiser Rolls. Sometimes I halve the recipe, sometimes I just save half in the freezer. The hardest part of making this bread is the prep work. After the first rise, divide into nine boules and let them rest for ten minutes.

Then the fun part, twist them into rolls and let them rise for 45 minutes. Then flip them upside and rise for another 45 minutes. 

Brush with water and sprinkle with poppy and sesame seeds. Bake for ten minutes at 425 degrees and ten minutes at 400 degrees. These never lasted 24 hours. Nine little rolls disappear quickly with six people, let me tell you. Time to bake another batch!

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