Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Flashback: Knitted Christmas Gifts

Christmas is soon upon us, which means...presents! (And baby Jesus). Every year I get the urge to knit something. Sometimes, the project turns out nice enough to give away and I have one gift idea taken care of.

Two years ago, I started learning how to knit sweaters. I still need more practice, but the first one didn't turn out bad at all. I gave the knitted vest to my mom.

Then I got bold and decided to tackle a sweater. With sleeves.

The knitting part actually went pretty quickly. What took me the longest were blocking and sewing. I have no patience for sewing but maybe one day I'll appreciate it more.

And it fits! I love it when things just work out. Not all my projects do. They're hidden in the closet.

This year I finally finished a cape I was knitting. Not quite good enough to be a present, but plenty nice for myself. 

I like seed stitch; it makes the fabric look more substantial.

In addition, I knitted Bill an afghan. He's pretty excited to have another afghan to go with the one his grandma gave him. His dream is to have an afghan for every room. Be careful what you wish for! ~.^

Did you make any holiday presents this year? If so, do share! Merry Christmas everyone!

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