Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Flashback: First Alaskan Winter

It's hard to believe we've been married for three years. After the honeymoon, I moved into the Alaskan cabin Bill prepared for us, with my cat Rupert. This dream cabin has a spiral staircase and huge windows.

Rupert misses his spiral staircase
We lived fifteen minutes from the mountain pass. The mountains were already covered with snow by the first of November.

We had just gotten a bright and shiny casserole as a wedding gift and I was eager to use it to make something comforting. I decided to make chicken dumplings. I don't even remember what recipe I used, but it warmed us up.

The first cake I baked in this kitchen was a lemon cake with cream cheese icing. I love cake. I think we finished that in three days.

To work that all off, we went cross-country skiing just fifteen minutes from our cabin. Classic cross-country is pretty easy to pick up. Even I learned how to enjoy it.

Rolling hills were advanced for my level
Perhaps we will find some good cross-country spots this winter. We'll certainly be having lots of dumplings and cake! Next time I'll bookmark the recipes and share it with you. What recipes do you like to make when it's getting cold out?

Chinese dumplings

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