Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Pick-me-up

I don't know why it took me so long to try a gingersnaps recipe. Bill and I both like eating them and have bought them from the store on many road-trips. Perhaps it's the thought of having to buy molasses. What will I do with a bottle of molasses besides making gingersnap cookies? I think about shortening in the same way, but at least shortening can be substituted without losing much of the flavor.

Well, I'm glad I tried! These gingersnap cookies shared on are delicious and the cinnamon sugar was a nice touch (I did substitute the shortening with butter). The best part...the cookies came out perfectly round!

Looks like a good treat for Santa

As these are so well-received, that bottle of molasses will get used up pretty soon!

Last time I mentioned we made pumpkin cheesecake using a whole sugar pumpkin. The recipe is from There was some leftover filling so I decided I would make mini cheesecakes for a midweek dessert.

I mashed the gingersnap cookies in a baggie, mixed it with some butter, and pressed the mixture onto the bottom of two ramekins lined with parchment paper. Poured in my filling and baked them the same way as the cheesecake.

They didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned since I don't have mini tart pans (next time I will grease the bottom of the parchment paper). But, hey, food doesn't have to look perfect to be tasty, right?

Saving half for dinner
I have another sugar pumpkin! What to do next...?

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