Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Flashback: Halloween Fun!

Lately I've been thinking about our time in Alaska a lot. There were a lot of reasons to reminisce, not in the least is that it's the place I started baking with frequency. I was very inspired by the surrounding nature and the Alaskan spirit of living off the land. I started having ideas about raising chickens to harvest eggs--a dream not quite realized. Yet we learned how to pick wild blueberries, fish for salmon and halibut, and attempted in growing a garden. There will be plenty more times to tell the stories of our adventures. For now I will just recall our last Halloween. But I must post a picture of my baby musk oxen first because it snowed yesterday and that reminded me of them.
At The Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska
Last Halloween was about the fourth time I've made apple pie from scratch. My husband grew up eating pies made from scratch and it was hard to meet the expectations. But I gladly took on the challenge. The filling was kind of runny and the crust still needed better texture and shape. I have much to learn!

However it was fun. I was happy Bill was able to be home from work (he used to work two-three weeks in the arctic tundra every month). We carved a pumpkin together for the first time. My cats were very curious about it.
Introducing Reeses!
This year we're going to a Halloween party that my sister-in-law is throwing in Boston. We're going to bring some Reeses Pieces cookies (the candy, not the cat).

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!

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