Monday, October 31, 2011

Bread of the Week: Not-So-Plain White Bread

This week I am out of town so I baked ahead. I picked a white bread recipe because it's easy to make sandwiches with.

White bread has a bad reputation for being plain and flabby. It's not plain at all! All the flavor of the bread comes from the milk, butter and egg. Sounds pretty delicious to me already. Add a few seeds on top if you want to fancy it up.

The slow fermentation in this recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice makes it flavorful and oh-so-soft. It takes a sponge that ferments for two hours then two rises. After the first rise, I put it in the fridge overnight instead of on the counter for an hour, because I was running out of time that night. It proofed nicely and was ready to be baked in the morning.

My husband thinks it tastes like potato bread, which is his preferred sandwich bread. Not too bad for plain white bread. I hope he's making good use of it while I'm gone!

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yay! looks good

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